One-Stop-Shop for Boiler Projects. 


CREANERGY acts as a one-stop-shop for your boiler projects. Worldwide. We provide the entire project from conception to performance for the following boiler types.

Water Tube Boilers
Water Tube Steam Boilers 

Tail-end type water tube boilers

Vertical water tube boilers

Inclusive all auxiliary parts: live steam pipe, thermal deaerator, condensate vessel, piping, ...

HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Boiler
Heat Recovery Steam Generators

For heat recovery downstream of (bio)gas turbines or (bio)gas engines, possibly combined with auxiliary firing. 

Inclusive all auxiliary parts: thermal deaerator, piping, ...

Superheated Water Boilers
Hot Water and Superheated Water Boilers

Standardised or tailor-made. Inclusive water-tube parts, fire-tube parts, convective parts, jacketed wall constructions.

Inclusive thermal expansion solutions, circulation pump solutions, ....

Inclusive all auxiliary parts and piping...

Boiler Engineering
Fire Tube Boilers

Single pass or multiple pass.

Alone or in combination with radiation boiler upstream and convective water-tube type heat exchangers downstream.

Inclusive all auxiliary parts: thermal deaerator, piping, ...

Thermal Oil Solutions
Thermal Oil Boilers

Radiation coils 

Convective heat bundles

Inclusive all auxiliary parts: mixing collectors, expansion and voidance vessels, pumping solutions, piping. 


Jacketed Wall Heat Exchangers
Special Heat Exchangers

Combinations of heated media such as superheated water, thermal oil, steam, hot water, ...

Direct heat exchangers flue gases to ORC liquids (Organic Rankine Cycle)

Special geometries requiring special approaches.