Boiler Engineering Services


At CREANERGY our specialty is the combined engineering of incineration and boiler. We have references with various incineration systems such as:

  • reciprocating grate incineration (air-cooled, water-cooled or hybrid)

  • bubbling fluidised bed incineration

  • rotary kiln incineration

and with various boiler types such as:

  • water-tube boilers: vertical type and tail-end type

  • fire-tube boilers

  • thermal oil boilers: both heating coils as well as heating bundles

  • superheated water boilers

  • hot water boilers

Our boiler engineering services include: 

Boiler Engineering Services
Thermal Boiler Engineering

CREANERGY's energy engineers use both proprietary and commercial boiler and power plant simulation software for thermal boiler engineering. 


We define the firing diagram, select the appropriate incineration solution for your application, and size the heat exchange surfaces for the heat recovery boiler. We are able to include the balance of plant inclusive thermal deaerator, steam turbines and condensate circuit.


We design the installation for the design combustible and operating conditions and simulate the performance for the other combustibles or operating points.

Boiler engineering services
Detailed Boiler Engineering

CREANERGY can provide the entire detailed engineering of the boiler and heat recovery solution. Inclusive refractory selection and cladding of the heating surfaces as applicable.


Alternatively we can limit ourselves to design liaison meetings and detailed boiler design engineering follow up with the engineering office of the client's choice.

Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Mounting and Commissioning 

CREANERGY can provide the mounting and commissioning of the boiler and heat recovery solution.


Alternatively we can provide only on site presence of our boiler specialists to supervise the mounting, refractory dry-out and the commissioning. 

Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Process Engineering

CREANERGY provides the process and instrumentation drawings for the entire incineration and heat recovery process inclusive the balance of plant. 


We participate and conduct HAZOP reviews of the installation.


Our functional description is the basis for the programming of the automation.

Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Procurement and Manufacturing

CREANERGY can provide the manufacturing of the boiler and heat recovery solution. 


Alternatively we can assist the client in the procurement process: writing the tenders, evaluating the bidders, doing the technical and commercial negotiations up to a final contract. 

In such case CREANERGY also organises periodic manufacturing inspection visits in accordance with the agreed Quality Inspection Plan. 


Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Fuel Range Extension

Biomass and waste markets are in continuous evolution. The waste flows assumed for the business model may no longer be available a few years later. 


CREANERGY analyses the impact of new biomass and waste types on the incineration and heat recovery solution. A few measures and limited performance changes often allow an extended fuel range.

Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Performance Improvement

For the improvement performance of existing plants, CREANERGY analyses the daily process parameters and gives improved operation instructions to the operators in charge of incineration and boiler.


Based on hot and cold inspections of incineration and boiler, CREANERGY observes incineration behaviour, fouling and wear of the installation.  Instructions for improved performance or measures/hardware for better control are proposed and implemented.

Boiler Engineering Services
Boiler Lifecycle Management

Based on measurements during a boiler standstill, and on operational data, we predict remaining lifetime of the boiler parts. 


For the critical parts we define which measures to take to extend the lifetime of it. 


CREANERGY follows up and reports the evolution during every shutdown.